LabNotes: Guide to Lab & Diagnostic Tests

LabNotes: Guide to Lab & Diagnostic Tests

Reference guide for the entire lab testing process

A Davis's Notes book, LabNotes provides students, nurses, and other health professionals with a quick and portable reference tool for competently explaining, preparing, and caring for patients before, during, and after common lab and diagnostic testing. Concise information explains lab reference ranges and considerations, diagnostic test purposes and procedures, pre-test preparation, and post-test care.

Key features of LabNotes include:

  • Covers essentials for more than 400 lab and diagnostic tests
  • Includes lab tests, radiography, arteriography, nuclear- and non-nuclear imaging, endoscopy, organ function and electrophysiology tests
  • Panic lab levels and nurse alerts are identified
  • Illustrations show positioning and views, tube top colors, examples of x-ray, mammogram, CT scan, MRI, ultrasound, whole skeleton bone scan, and lung scan images
  • Patient education guidelines and tips
  • Major sections include: Labs, X-rays, CT/MRI/US, Nuclear Scans, Other Tests, Tools

With Skyscape's patented smARTlink™ technology, LabNotes™ can easily cross-index with other titles from Skyscape to provide a powerful and integrated source of clinical information that you can carry with you anytime and anywhere!

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LabNotes: Guide to Lab & Diagnostic Tests


LabNotes: Guide to Lab & Diagnostic Tests